SONY 200-600MM

Being part of the Sony Alpha Collective Universe lets me get access to the latest and greatest Sony makes. It's no secret I love telephoto zoom lenses, especially for my celestial work. So the new 600mm F4 and 200-600mm F 5.6-6.4 came just in time for the July Partial Lunar Eclipse. And I shot it with the later.

Obviously having the extra range is a benefit. The more we can fill the frame with the moon the better usage of those pixels. I was testing the 2x converter as well but in my experience it was softening the moon too much so I ditched it. That being said, this is moon photography. I bet it works just fine with wild life or sports, I just haven't had the chance to test it (I've had the lens for less than 24 hours as of writing this)

Before the moon shoot though, I took it out to the desert as well. It's a very good lens over all. Superb image quality, sharp. But being a 6.3 in low light you will find it struggling just a tad, as I did just after sunset.

Important to note, the stabilization on these lenses is just something else. All the shots you see here are hand held, including the moon!! I also really like the fact that the lens doesn't physically zoom out unlike the 100-400mm. In fact you turn it 90 degree only to get to 600mm.

As I was shooting these, Sony released the A7RIV - A 61 MEGAPIXEL BEAST OF A CAMERA. They are truly heading into another level. This kind of resolution puts the medium format direction into jeopardy. If the price point is right, oh boy I would feel bad for the competition. Needless to say, I cannot wait to test it. Especially with Moon photography, give me more pixels and give me more range !

Partial Lunar Eclipse