Making Art out of Art

I have always been interested in Art.Especially calligraphy.So its no surprise that when I first started hearing about a street artist by the name ElSeed I would eventually shoot his work.

My first experience with him came when he was commissioned to paint this:


(shot on iPhone)Yup, thats the first time I met Elseed.  And what do I mean from my title "Making Art out of Art", something like this:The F22You would need to ask him about this insane paint he uses, that changes shades depending on how the sun is hitting it.  Here I was nearly blinded by its reflection and shot with my camera at F22 (in other words it was so bright I didn't need the lens to let in allot of light - at all).

We have developed a friendship since.So, when he was recently commissioned to do a project in Ajman I was there, and this time even included drone shots.  It was challenging because the area is quite busy & clustered but we were able to get some good results:


I am often told my shots look like paintings, and I think there is a whole category of shooting art that in itself would be considered art.